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(B) Double Door Oak Base

Base 24″$136.00SinkBase 24″$105.00
Base 27″$146.00SinkBase 27″$111.00
Base 30″$159.00SinkBase 30″$118.00
Base 33″$170.00SinkBase 33″$128.00
Base 36″$174.00SinkBase 36″$134.00
Base 39″$184.00SinkBase 39″$139.00
Base 42″$193.00SinkBase 42″$149.00
Base 45″$203.00SinkBase 45″$155.00

Base 48″

(4 door)


SinkBase 48″

(4 door)


(CSB) Combination Kitchen Sink Base

Combination Kitchen Sink Base 60″


2 Drawer


(B) Single Door Oak Base

Oak Base 9″$78.00
Oak Base 12″$84.00
Oak Base 15″$94.00
Oak Base 18″$100.00
Oak Base 21″$107.00


(DB) 4 Drawer Oak Base

Oak Drawer Base 12 “$133.00
Oak Drawer Base 15 “$140.00
Oak Drawer Base 18″$152.00
Oak Drawer Base 21″$163.00
Oak Drawer Base 24″$173.00


(3DB) Three Drawer Oak Base

3 Drawer Base 24″$221.00
3 Drawer Base 27″$237.00

3 Drawer Base 30″

(4 Drawer)



Bottom two drawers are larger and extend all the way out of cabinet

(BLB) Oak Blind Corner

Oak Blind Corner 36″$126.00
Oak Blind Corner 39″$133.00
Oak Blind Corner 42″$140.00
Oak Blind Corner 45″$149.00
Oak Blind Corner 48″$152.00

(LSB) Lazy Susan Base

Lazy Susan Base 36″$291.00

(MSP) Multi Storage Pantry 7'

Multi Storage Pantry 36″$993.00

(7UC) Double Door Broom Closets 7'

(24Wx12D) Broom Closets$269.00
(27Wx12D) Broom Closets$284.00
(30Wx12D) Broom Closets$295.00
(24Wx24D) Broom Closets$357.00
(27Wx24D) Broom Closets$372.00
(30Wx24D) Broom Closets$387.00

(7UC) Single Door Broom Closets 7'

(12Wx12D) Single Door Broom Closet$169.00
(15Wx12D) Single Door Broom Closet$182.00
(18Wx12D) Single Door Broom Closet$196.00
(21Wx12D) Single Door Broom Closet$216.00
(12Wx24D) Single Door Broom ClosetContact Us
(15Wx24D) Single Door Broom Closet$267.00
(18Wx24D) Single Door Broom Closet$278.00
(21Wx24D) Single Door Broom Closet$298.00

(W) Single Door Wall Cabinet (30" High)

(W9x30) Single Door Wall Cabinet$57.00
(W12x30) Single Door Wall Cabinet$63.00
(W15x30) Single Door Wall Cabinet$68.00
(W18x30) Single Door Wall Cabinet$77.00
(W21x30) Single Door Wall Cabinet$82.00

Double Door Wall Cabinet (30" High)

(W24x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet$102.00
(W27x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet$107.00
(W30x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet$117.00
(W33x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet$121.00
(W36x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet$128.00
(W39x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet$134.00
(W42x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet$140.00
(W45x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet$146.00
(W48x30) Double Door Wall Cabinet (4 DOOR)$183.00

(BW) Blind Wall Cabinet (30" High)

BW 24×30$80.00
BW 27×30$84.00
BW 30×30$94.00
BW 33×30


BW 36×30$124.00
BW 39×30$135.00
BW 42×30$139.00
BW 45×30$146.00
BW 48×30$151.00

(W) Single Door Wall Cabinet (42" High)

(W12x42) Single Door Wall Cabinet$84.20
(W15x42) Single Door Wall Cabinet$91.85
(W18x42) Single Door Wall Cabinet$104.00
(W21x42) Single Door Wall Cabinet$110.00

Double Door Wall Cabinet (42" High)

(W24x42) Double Door Wall Cabinet$136.00
(W27x42) Double Door Wall Cabinet$147.00
(W30x42) Double Door Wall Cabinet$158.00
(W33x42) Double Door Wall Cabinet$163.00

(CWCS) Wall Corner Angle Cabinet (Requires 24" from each wall corner)

Wall Corner Angle Cabinet (Stationary Shelves)$174.00

(CWCR) Wall Corner Angle Cabinet (Requires 24" from each wall corner)

Wall Corner Angle Cabinet (Lazy Susan)$232.00

(W) Wall Cabinets (12" High)

W27x12Contact Us
W42x12Contact Us
W45x12Contact Us
W48x12 (4 DOOR)Contact Us

(W) Wall Cabinets (15" High)

W45x15Contact Us
W48x15 (4 DOOR)$91.00

(W) Wall Cabinets (18" High)

W48x18 (4 DOOR)$106.00

(W) Wall Cabinets (24" High)

W9x24 (Single Door)Contact Us
W12x24 (Single Door)Contact Us
W15x24 (Single Door)$55.00
W18x24 (Single Door)$61.00
W21x24 (Single Door)Contact Us
W24x24 ( Double Door)$83.00
W27x24 ( Double Door)Contact Us
W30x24 ( Double Door)$95.00
W33x24 ( Double Door)$100.00
W36x24 ( Double Door)$103.00
W39x24 ( Double Door)Contact Us
W42x24 ( Double Door)Contact Us
W45x24 ( Double Door)Contact Us
W48x24 (4 DOOR)Contact Us
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