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We have a huge selection to suit your needs! Shop at our store on 2901 Polo Rd, in Sterling or visit our eBay store and shop from the comfort of your own home!


Kitchens; cabinets (Poplar & Oak), faucets, countertops (Straight slabs only, variable in length), tile, trash cans, etc.



Bathroom; cooper tubing, plex tubing, metal piping, faucets, towel racks, paper holders, lights, sinks, vanities, mirrors, tile, tubs, toilets, trash cans, etc.



Carpet; indoor and outdoor



Tools, air tools; impact tools, hand tools; hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, socket sets, single sockets, garden tools; shovels; (round, spade, square, scoop), rakes, hoes, hoses, construction tools; concrete tools, levels, axes, picks, saw horses, rubber boots, shop-vac’s, trash cans (metal & Plastic), tool boxes, pumps, and more.



Lawn and Garden; coolers, tents, hedge trimmers, weed eaters, fertilizers, flower pots (clay, plastic, decorative, large/small), fencing for gardens or flower beds, metal fence, tiki tourches, lawn furniture, hose reels, bug sprays, weed control, trellises (wooden, metal), grills, fountains, garden tillers, cultivators, lawn mowers, rain barrels, leaf funnels, trash cans, pesticides, bird feeders, grass seed, buckets, leaf blowers, pressure washers, and more.



Wood; trim, doors (pre-hung and singular doors, with glass and without), flooring, shelving, wood glue.



Electrical; switches, breakers, electrical boxes, wiring, wire strippers, electrical nuts, tape, extension cords, power strips, Lighting (ceiling lights, ceiling fans, cam-lights, chandeliers), etc.



Liquids; cleaners, soaps, polishes, Paint, Stains, polyurethanes, spray paints, bug sprays, weed control/pesticides, pool chemicals, fertilizers, etc.



Automotive; grease, filters, oil filters, spark plugs, etc.



Holiday decorations;
Christmas; artificial trees, wreaths, lights (Colored, white, clear), decorations, wrapping paper
Halloween; etc.


Miscellaneous; fans (table top, pedestal, box), ceiling tiles, buckets, Rubbermaid plastic storage containers, trash cans, room heaters, canning jars, paint brushes, paint canisters, paint openers.



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