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Builder Discount was established in 1972 as an idea to provide building materials to residents at discounted prices. The first building was built along West 3rd Street, and was only about 20,000 square feet. Later moving to Ash Avenue, at which time two buildings housed the ever-growing business. Today the business has grown into a building that is about 85,000 square feet.

Today the name has changed to Builder Discount Mart, due to the expansion into a variety of different goods, and not just limited to building materials. BDM has also expanded to online selling through e-bay, craigslist and Facebook.

Located at 2901 Polo Road in Sterling, Illinois, (Behind Farm and Fleet) the 85,000 square foot building offers a quantity of goods from 50,000 yards of carpet, 1,000 kitchen cabinets (oak and poplar), gallons of paint, molding, hardware, doors, windows, plumbing and electrical supplies, bird feeders, grills, household items, thousands of gizmos and gadgets.

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